Ice cream



For us the craftsmen, production of ice cream is a real passion. Ice cream is a complex food specialty composed of various components where each one has an important role.

They can be divided in following components:

Basic ingredients are such as fat, sugar, protein and appearance component.
Taste ingredients are those of raspberry, hazelnuts, cherry, fruits etc.

Philosophy of our company is represented by a specially chosen name Gelato Fantasy indicating the best ice cream tradition with constant enriching for its reputation.

The ice cream is made of imported components and bases, carefully chosen and confirmed according to standards ICO 9001 and Vision 2000. Fruits being used in the production process are of home origin from the company "Raspberry Product" that also posses the HACCP.



Milk Ice Cream

Fruit Ice Cream

Extra Ice Cream





-wild berries

-vanilla cookies












-choco biscuits


-green apple












-sour cherry











-latte amarena



-yoghurt amarena



-latte gianduia




















  • Delivery in a day time,
  • Price, 6 euros per 1 kg.
  • Extra ice cream price, 6,5 euros per 1 kg.
  • Samples for free testing are sent following your request,


Health control and properness are controlled by Milk Institute