About us




After long years of work abroad and cooperation with top agricultural technologies in Germany and Switzerland, the “ER-ZE” has set up foundation on bases of knowledge, the nature origin, devotion to quality and superior service at satisfaction of our consumers. As a result of our work we won in year 2006 the Great Golden Medal for Quality 73 at the International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad.

Quality of all raw material used in production process is strictly controlled and has acquired the HACCP certificate.

Contract with the Milk Institute in Belgrade on business and technical cooperation can guarantee the hygienic and microbiological properness for all the products.

We are at your disposal during the whole year.

The “ER-ZE” offers you the following:

  • Over 60 tastes for the finest ice cream.
  • We supply the pastry shops with repro material for ice cream production.
  • We supply bakery shops with thermo stable fruit fillings.
  • We can train your workers for ice cream production process, for preparatonof frappe cups and for the new trends introduction.
  • Our technologists are at your disposal any time.